Young Researchers

CCoM takes a participatory approach to research. We are working in partnership with young people from Red Cross (West Midlands) and Refugee Youth (London) to design, carry out, and share the research.


Red Cross – Surviving to Thriving provides 11 to 25 year old refugees and asylum seekers with the life skills, advice, mental health support and leadership opportunities to rebuild their lives and thrive in the UK.


Refugee Youth is a small national charity dedicated to overcoming isolation, alienation and despair among young refugees by supporting opportunities for their development, inclusion and integration.

Invitation to take part in the research

Are you a child or young person? Did you come to the UK without parents or carers? We would love to talk to you as part of our research.



Young Researcher Blogs

  • Participatory research in the ‘new normal’
    In this blog, originally published on the Covid Realities website, Mika and Mimi (Young Researchers on CCoM) reflect with Rachel (CCoM co-lead) about our experiences doing participatory research during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Two Conversations
    In this blog, Gulli, Mika, Mirfat, Rebin and Zak* (Young Researchers) write about why they are involved in CCoM and some of the emerging themes. It is addressed to different audiences: young asylum seekers, refugees and migrants AND everyone else. It is a blog made up of two conversations.
  • Research supper
    In this blog, IM and AG, young researchers on the CCoM project, share some reflections on their involvement on the project so far, while having a light supper during our regular training day.