Sayani Mitra

Sayani Mitra works as a Post-doctoral Research Associate (PDRA) on the CCoM project being based at the Open University. She is a sociologist with interest in reproductive sociology, reproductive technologies, social reproduction, political economy, migration, ethnography and comparative research.

She received her PhD from the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Göttingen, Germany. She was awarded the DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) PhD Fellowship to carry out her doctoral research on reproductive disruptions during commercial surrogacy in India. She has published her work in peer-reviewed journals and has co-edited a book titled ‘Cross-Cultural Comparisons on Surrogacy and Egg Donation: Interdisciplinary perspectives from India, Germany and Israel (Palgrave Macmillan, 2018).


Before joining the CCoM project, Sayani worked as a postdoctoral researcher on the OPARA Project (Organised patient participation in healthcare) at the Institute of Medical Ethics and History of Medicine, Goettingen and with the Wellcome Trust funded Global Governance of Assisted Reproductive Technology project at the Department of Health Services Research, University of Liverpool.

Sayani is:
  • a Post-doctoral Research Associate (PDRA) with CCoM
  • Researcher for Work Package 2: – research on adult stakeholders’ perspectives on care relationships and practices
  • Researcher for Work Package 3‘cultural political economy’ of care for and by separated child migrants