Sarah Crafter

Dr Sarah Crafter is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology in the School of Psychology and Counselling at the Open University, UK. Her academic interests lie in the area of migration, diversity and the development of identities.

By background she is a cultural-developmental psychologist whose work is grounded in sociocultural theory, transitions, critical or contested ideas of ‘normative’ development and cultural identity development. She also has a longstanding interest in working with child language brokers, who are children and young people who translate and interpreter for family members after migration to a new country.


Sarah was the PI on an AHRC-funded project which explored child language brokers as mediators of cultural knowledge and identity belonging. This project was supplemented by funding from by funding from the UCL Beacon Bursary, which facilitated arts-based workshops and exhibitions with young people who act as language brokers. Other research funding includes Nuffield Foundation, National Institute for Health Research, EU ERASMUS PLUS, South Essex Partnership Trust and the Department of Health.

Methodologically, she has developed dialogical uses of vignette approaches in qualitative research. She is co-author of Developmental Transitions: Exploring stability and change through the lifespan (2019, Routledge). Sarah is a member of the British Psychological Society and belongs to the Psychology of Women’s and Equalities Section, Qualitative Methods in Psychology and Developmental Psychology section.

Sarah is:
  • Principal Investigator of CCoM
  • Leading Work Package 2research on adult stakeholders’ perspectives on care relationships and practices.