Ellie Ott

Dr Ellie Ott is a Senior Advisor at the Centre for Evidence and Implementation, a non-profit research organisation that focused on making sense of the evidence, helping implement evidence and practice, and evaluate and build the evidence to improve the lives of children and families facing adversity. She leads research on refugee and asylum-seeking young people, migrant families with No Recourse to Public Funds, on standards for evidence across various fields, and on research for children with a social worker.

Ellie is a research methodologist and a mixed methods researcher who enjoys exploring how to best use research from systematic reviews to participatory approaches in order to improve the life chances of young people, particularly those with experiences of the social care system and forced migration. Previously, Ellie managed research, knowledge exchange, impact evaluations, and systematic reviews around children’s social care and unaccompanied young people at the Rees Centre at the University of Oxford and led the Humanitarian Evidence Programme at Oxfam. Ellie is the lead or co-lead on a number of research projects including the evaluation of My View Children’s Therapy, British Refugee Council’s therapeutic support for unaccompanied young people funded by What Works for Children’s Social Care. Previous projects have included scoping improving services for unaccompanied asylum-seeking children funded by London Councils, the 3-year evaluation of the Mockingbird Family Model of foster care funded by the Department for Education, research on the educational provision for refugee and asylum-seeking children funded by the John Fell Fund, and a TORCH Humanities Knowledge Exchange Fellow exploring the narratives of education for unaccompanied migrant young people.


Ellie has led research funded by the UN Refugee Agency, the World Bank, the Nuffield Foundation, the UK Department for International Development, the English Department for Education, and the US Department of Health and Human Services. Dr Ott holds an MSc in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies and a DPhil in Social Policy and Intervention, both from the University of Oxford.

Ellie is:
  • Co-Investigator on the CCoM project
  • Contributor to Work Package 2adult stakeholders’ perspectives on care relationships and practices