Research Team

Sarah Crafter Portrait_2021

Sarah Crafter

Dr Sarah Crafter is a Professor in Cultural-Developmental Psychology in the School of Psychology and Counselling at the Open University, UK. Her research challenges traditional developmental psychological paradigms that view children’s maturation according to age-graded or ‘normative’ patterns of growth, often described as developmental transitions.

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Rachel Rosen

rachel rosen

Dr Rachel Rosen is an Associate Professor of Childhood in the Department of Social Science at University College London. Her work focuses on unequal childhoods, migration, and stratified social reproduction / care labour.

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Elaine Chase

Dr Elaine Chase is Associate Professor in Education, Health Promotion and International Development and member of the Centre for Education and International Development at UCL Institute of Education.

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Ravi Kohli

Dr Ravi Kohli is Professor of Child Welfare at the University of Bedfordshire. He is a qualified social worker. He is interested in what becomes of young people who seek asylum in richer countries, with a particular focus on helping young people and their helpers to make sense of what to do for the best now that they are together.

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Lucy Leon

Lucy Leon has worked with refugee and migrant children and young people for over fifteen years as a practitioner, policy officer and researcher.

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Veena Meetoo

Dr Veena Meetoo is a Research Officer at the Thomas Coram Research Unit, UCL Institute of Education. She is qualitative researcher with over 15 years experience of conducting studies on children and young people in schools, familial contexts and out of home care.

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Sayani Mitra

Sayani Mitra works as a Post-doctoral Research Associate (PDRA) on the CCoM project being based at the Open University. She is a sociologist with interest in reproductive sociology, reproductive technologies, social reproduction, political economy, migration, ethnography and comparative research.

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Ellie Ott

Dr Ellie Ott is a Senior Advisor at the Centre for Evidence and Implementation, a non-profit research organisation that focused on making sense of the evidence, helping implement evidence and practice, and evaluate and build the evidence to improve the lives of children and families facing adversity. She leads research on refugee and asylum-seeking young people, migrant families with No Recourse to Public Funds, on standards for evidence across various fields, and on research for children with a social worker.

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Evangelia Prokopiou

Dr Evangelia Prokopiou is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Northampton. Her key area of teaching and research interest focuses on dialogical self theory, the impact of immigration and cultural change on identities, families and communities and on the constructions of diverse, ‘non-normative’ childhoods (including separated child migrants and child language brokers).

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Helen Stalford

Professor Helen Stalford is a leading expert on children’s rights. Much of Helen’s work is concerned with facilitating children’s access to and enforcement of their rights, and with monitoring the effects of the law on children’s lives.

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Louise Topley

Louise Topley has worked at the Open University since 2011 where she was a Research Secretary for 2 Research Centres, OpenSpace and IKD (Innovation, Knowledge and Development) research group.

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