Crisis for whom?

R. Rosen, E. Chase, S. Crafter, V. Glockner and S. Mitra (eds.) (2023) Crisis for whom? Critical global perspectives on childhood, care, and migration /¿Crisis para quien? Perspectivas criticas internacionales sobre la infancia, el cuidado y la migración. London: UCL Press.8. — In Spanish and English. Available to download for free. 

Beyond the text

Aissatou, Evangelia Prokopiou, Lucy Leon, Musharraf Abdullayeva, Mirfat, Osman, Pauline Iyambo, Rachel Rosen, Rebin, Veena Meetoo, Zak, and in collaboration with Louis Brown (2022) “Stories Too Big for a Case File: Unaccompanied Young People Confront the Hostile Environment in Pandemic Times”. Sociological Research Online, 27 (3): 550-558. — an article in the inaugural special issue of ‘Beyond the Text’