Research supper

In this blog, IM and AG, young researchers on the CCoM project, share some reflections on their involvement on the project so far, while having a light supper during our regular training day.

After a tiring day everyone gathers together in the tea house in the city to come up with ideas on how to make separated migrant children’s lives better.

We are a group of young people (… young…. we don’t really feel young because of the responsibilities and levels of stress that other young people of our age, don’t usually have) … who have been through the caring system so we have first-hand experience of care.

When we think of care, certain words come to our mind such as support, relationships, people, opportunities, friendships, advice, the law…care could also be frightening if care is bad, or if you get bad advice. A group of young people, who as we moved and got separated, from an old, ancient life to a new one, with new aspirations and dreams, we hope for life or light.

As members of this team, we want equality, same rights with other young people in this country, like learning to drive.

IM & AG, Young Researchers, London team.